Foreclosure Prevention

Want to avoid Foreclosure?

Are you among the millions of Americans who are struggling to pay your mortgage???   If so, we can help!  Certified housing counselors are available at HELP CDC to assist in the process of acquiring a workout option from your lender. If you are feeling stressed about your mortgage payment, HELP CDC offers FREE one-on-one counseling to identify financial options and lender help.

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Families receive quick answers to mortgage payment questions.


Here is how it works:

  • HELP CDC assists homeowners who have either stopped making mortgage payments or are currently making payments that they know are unsustainable (i.e., Adjustable Rate Mortgage {ARM} loans with sharp increases in monthly payments)
  • HELP CDC conducts extensive consultation with each homeowner to educate on the various mortgage workout options available to them.
  • HELP CDC works directly with the homeowner and lender until a mortgage workout option is reached.
  • HELP CDC will stay with you from start to finish!

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