Financial Management

Need help with your personal finances?


Struggling to maintain your credit?  Our counselors will show you how to build a sustainable monthly budget.  We will also help you establish, improve, and maintain your credit with proven methods, knowledge and guidance from our highly trained and certified counselors.

Through Financial Management Counseling you can:

  • Become financially stable
  • Learn how to maintain and build savings each month.
  • Learn how to manage your finances during times of crisis.
  • Learn how to establish or rebuild your credit and make your credit work for you.

    HELP CDC’s mission is to inspire and empower families to build financial security, stability, and wealth through financial education and counseling.  Our counselors will guide you through every success and hurdle.  Contact Us for Financial Counseling Today!

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Soft Pull From All 3 Credit Bureaus:  a soft inquiry, or soft pull, is a credit report check that does not affect an individual's credit score (;  Fee:  $25 per Soft Pull