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HELP CDC is a HUD-approved, Central Florida-based, comprehensive housing counseling agency that provides quality financial education and counseling to improve the lives and financial stability of individuals and families.

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This letter is to thank you Maria Blandon, Nicole Oriol and the entire team at the Florida Hardest Hit Program. Without your assistance we would not have known where to turn or what to do for assistance since so  much fraud exist in the marketplace. You were very professional guiding us through what was necessary to keep a roof over our head for our family of 6. Your program could not have given us such a favorable response and good news just in the nick of time since the bank served us with paperwork to foreclose on our home. Sadly, some may give up, but with very limited options to continue with the process.

Words just cannot express  the sight of release you have given us with the approval news that we were able to share with the bank.  !Thank you!, !Thank you!, Your efforts have given us the needed encouragement and support to continue looking onward and upward, and work our hardest to try to put this behind us as best as possible.



Quiero darle las gracias a todo el grupo de HELP CDC que trabaja el programa de Florida Hardest Hit la cual son muy profesionales en este campo. Este grupo me ayudo con el proceso de Reducción al Principal- Florida Hardest Hit Funds de principio a fin con su experiencia, humanidad y dedicación.

Gracias a Florida Hardest Hit y HELP CDC pude cualificar para obtener fondos para que me redujeran una cantidad en el balance principal de la deuda de mi casa.

Gracias nuevamente por todo!



Yaaaaay !!! We sure did. Thanks Mrs. Bev ....you were most instrumental in helping me with the process of purchasing. I have referred several of my friends to the program a well. Mrs. Bev, I can't thank you enough for all your prayers and love you've shown me . You are greatly appreciated. One of this days , Prayer Warrior we gonna have to get together and pray over the new home and give it back to God , what he has given me .

I love you Auntie. Thanks again, for holding my hand though this entire process. I'm so thankful the Lord placed you in my life. What a treasure... We will connect soon. I am beginning the rehabilitation phase of the house now. Super Exciting. Love ya to pieces . I will see you sooner than later. Hope your trip was a blessed one.

Your "new" found niece , LOL


P.S .. God Did it !!


To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to thank you for the wonderful training and opportunity in helping me be able to purchase a home. The H.E.L.P. CDC program proved to be beneficial and I greatly appreciate all the information that I received from the trainings.

My experience is that all things are possible to those that believe. This experience has been extremely positive, informative, and worth the time and effort that was put in. I did not think that I would be able to purchase a home or improve my future. Being able to complete this program has given me another chance at life and I would recommend this program to those that will put in the work that is needed to succeed.

Thank you again for giving me hope for the future.


Johnnie A.
Tree of Life Ministries of Orlando, Inc.



I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being an excellent support group at HELP CDC. Stressed and dismayed about the thought of losing my home, my Foreclosure counselor Sandra Quiones was there to answer all my questions and concerns as I went through the loan modification process. I admit I was a little skeptical and embarrassed at first about seeking help and counseling from a nonprofit organization. Much to my surprise and putting my pride aside, I am so glad I took the step and reached out to HELP CDC. I am thankful for the budgeting tips and money saving advice that Sandra has given me in order for me to be financially successful. I am happy to say that HELP CDC made it possible for me to make affordable mortgage payments so that I can keep my home. Thank you so much.



Dear Sandra at H.E.L.P CDC,

This is to acknowledge all of you at HELP CDC for the hard work, professionalism, and understanding you have shown to me and my family. We were under a lot of stress due to illness and financial hardship and with your help we were able to receive a modification through President Obama's Hamp program. We not only got a principal reduction but also a payment reduction. I encourage everyone to follow through with their paperwork and stay proactive. It is Important to keep calling the mortgage company and continue sending as much information as they ask for even if you have already sent it. The program is available and it works, just provide what they require and work with Sandra and HELP CDC to save your home.

Nancy and Alex

I was hesitant at first to apply and submit paperwork to H.E.L.P CDC, but because I did, H.E.L.P CDC help to resolve my issue and help me to get my loan modified, when the original mortgage company could not. The H.E.L.P. CDC staffs are extremely courteous and very professional and ensure that all documents are submitted and complete prior to submission.

I’ve been trying to get a loan modification for almost a year with a well-known mortgage company, with no success submitting paperwork, numerous times because they lost it and asked for the same documents time and time again. I would still be trying to get a loan modification thru the major mortgage company, if it wasn’t for H.E.L.P Community Development Corporation. H.E.L.P. CDC did over and beyond their capabilities to ensure that my modification was done in a timely manner; it took only a couple of months. I was so astounded to have the loan modified, as the property was behind in the mortgage payments, and the interest was high along with the monthly payment and H.E.L.P CDC resolved all of this.

I want to give a SPECIAL thanks to RASHIKA HALL, whom is the Counseling and Educations Programs Manager, without her and her special attention to detail, this loan modification would have never been rectified and resolved. I want to thank everyone involved in this process, I am extremely satisfied and I will be making a donation, because this is a non-profit organization. God Bless to all. Michael L.


Feeling defeated after going through all the motions with Ocwen to save my home and getting nowhere, when I thought all hope of keeping my home was gone, I made the call to H.E.L.P.CDC and they gave me my second wind. My first contact was BJ, who was very helpful, and when I didn’t qualify for the Florida hardest –Hit Fund, she immediately referred me to the Foreclosure Prevention Counseling. Of course I was so nervous not knowing what to expect but when I met with Rashika for the first time, she was so personable, up front and honest. She told me what I needed to do and guided me. She gave me hope. I appreciate what their divine intervention has done for me. Having them stand by me and guide me has helped me become more conscience of my spending habits and on the road to a better future for my family and myself.
y, Dawn D.


I simply want to express my overwhelming gratitude and appreciation for Mrs. Hall and H.E.L.P. CDC. Because of her efforts I am able to stay in my home and I now have the financial tools and budgeting know-how that means I am never going to be in this situation again. Before being brought into this program, I spent a frustrating year unsuccessfully attempting to negotiate a loan restructuring with my mortgage lender and had been served with a foreclosure notice. When I was referred to H.E.L.P. CDC, everything changed for the better. Mrs. Hall was extremely helpful in creating a budget for me and interceding with the mortgage company which resulted in being enrolled in the Home Affordable Modification Trial Period Plan.

This means with one more payment my mortgage will be current and I can keep my home. I know this would never have happened without her help. The monthly counseling sessions have made me aware of my budget and have to put me on a path to increase my income while managing my expenses. I have been given tools to succeed. I always credit my counselor and H.E.L.P. CDC for making this happen for me and my daughter. Mrs. Hall is not only clearly capable, but she is also caring and dedicated. I will never forget the fact that it was her help that made all this possible. Thank you so very much. J. Davis



"In June 2012, my divorce went through. Mandatory child support became in effect for August 2012. He finally had to work to help raise his kids. In July 2012, I was notified by HHF that I had managed to get this funding to help me get on my feet. I cannot tell you how happy and relieved I was. I cried every time I spoke about it. The kids were thrilled to be staying in our home. We love our tiny house in the woods and we adore our neighbors. It is an ideal place to live for us and it would have really been something awful compounding all of the changes that were already happening. I had my mortgage paid for one year. In that year, I organized our lives and worked at my office. I pay my bills on time. I have no credit card bills, have great food on the table and have even managed to go on vacation! Best of all, my kids are well adjusted and doing very well in school socially. We celebrate all of these opportunities we have been given and appreciate all of the lessons that came with it. In February 2014, I got approved for my loan modification with BOA where they offered me a monthly payment that is totally feasible for my budget. You can imagine how happy and on top of the world I feel to be able to offer my children a healthy lifestyle with a great home, a supportive community all the while I set a good example to them that you can overcome anything but it takes work.

I do feel like a success story. How my life has worked out in the past two years has left me knowing that miracles do happen. Staying positive is the key. I do feel incredibly grateful to all of the ladies at FHH and Sandra Quinones at H.E.L.P. CDC and Bank of America my support that were my support through all of this. It was their actions and belief in me that made this happen. I am beyond grateful and I am paying it forward every time the opportunity arises. I am the luckiest person in the world." M. A. Gutierrez



"When Frank and I heard about this program from our Church, we decided to check it out because we were house hunting at this time but needed to know the right people to partner with. I sat in one of the C.D.C class and the teaching was very helpful and professional. We had hands on teaching from their partners. From all their information we found the right person to work with us until closing of our home, which was New Year’s Eve (2013). Our realtor was sitting at the table with us on our big day of celebration. Praise the Lord! We thank Mrs. B Miller and her coworkers for this program." Frank and Norvelle



"I thank God for having you to help me in my time of need. You are like the Angel of Hope. You help me to hold on to Faith and Hope. Every time I see you or hear your name, it will remind me of what God has done for me. Thank You My Angel of Hope!!! P.S I hope God bless you and your family and give you your heart’s desire." Pam D.



"Mrs. Rashika Hall & Family: I want to thank you so much for your help, support and kind words when I was feeling down. Ocwen was a challenge, but you conquered them. I heard your kind words of faith before my surgeries. Now, I say a big THANK YOU Again!" D. Jones.



"I am writing this letter as both a thank you note and as a form of reference for the wonderful person that I came to know as Rashika Hall. When Rashika came into my life, I was literally at my wits end. I had gone through another company in hopes of being able to keep my house out of foreclosure. I can verify that not only was I not helped, I was ripped off. That all changed with Rashika. On a personal level, she always encouraged me with a word of prayer. She lifted me up as an individual. She was sensitive to what I was going through, not only with my house but in everyday life.

On a professional level, Rashika was a very organized and dedicated worker with a compassionate spirit for a client. Her knowledge of her job was invaluable to me. She told me who to call and where to go for assistance with lowering my bills. As a result of her knowledge and dedication to her job, I feel as though I’ve been given the necessary tools to accomplish what I have left to do with my mortgage modification. I might add as well, that not one penny had to be exchanged for the services I received. Rashika always treated me with the utmost respect. She never referred to me by my first name but

always referenced me as “Mrs. Blake.” It is not always the small things that stand out in one’s mind, but it is always the small things that count. A friendly smile, a prayer, a Christ centered conversation can make or break a person going through what seems to be an intolerable situation. I found my “Angel” in the person of Rashika Hall and I know that “Community Development Corporation” has helped many more clients such as I. I will ever be thankful for the help I received and forever grateful for Rashika and her staff. May God’s blessings be on this organization, for its much needed help for those who need it." Fay B.



"I would like to thank many times, the people at HELP Community Development Corporation. I had been struggling with the decision for some time to either keep my house or to walk away from it. Three times I had tried for a home loan modification and never succeeded. Each time I went through lots of preparation, gathering documents, paycheck stubs, mortgage information, and each time I was declined for the most ridiculous reasons.

In each case I was applying through the mortgager (bank) itself. Then I talked to several attorneys and I was about to start the “walk away process.” I was not anxious to give up the house, but just did not see another way out. Then I found out about H.E.L.P CDC. I was very doubtful that they would be able to reduce my mortgage through a modification, but I thought I would give it one last try.

First I went to a one hour meeting and was given easy to understand list of what documents I needed to get together. This took me a few hours to complete. My representative was Sandra Quinones and she was very pleasant and patient with me and stayed in touch on a regular basis. After gathering my information I had a second meeting with Sandra, and we went over all of my paperwork. It was a short and simple process.

One or two times over about 3 months, Sandra would request an update bank statement or document but that was really about it! Then one day I got a call from her that the bank wanted to give me a trial period of making drastically reduced payments. To make a long story short, after a quick trial period, my loan modification was permanent. It really could not have been easier. Also, if I continue to pay on time, the bank will forgive a nice chunk of the principle each year for several years, so I will owe less. The only money I spent was for some copies of documents. My total cost, less than $10!

If you are having problems with your monthly mortgage, I highly recommend that you have a one hour consultation with H.E.L.P CDC! And I especially thank Sandra for all the patience and professional service that she gave me." T. Moore


"Dear Sandra: This letter is to confirm our support of H.E.L.P. Community Development Corporation. We have been encouraging friends, family members and co-workers to contact you to get the help they need. Our lives have been enriched by the services you offer and we know others will be helped by your program as well. Thank you again for being an agent for positive change in our lives. We hope you continue to do amazing things in our community."
Victor & M.Diaz



"I, Patricia Carson, would like to thank Sandra Quinones for working so hard to get me a loan modification and lower my interest rates with my lender Ocwen. Bank of America gave me full forgiveness on my loan with them that left me with a zero balance. Thank you again Sandra Quinones and may God forever bless you." P. Carson

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